B. What is my learning style?

Howard Gardner and Multiple Intelligences

Guiding Questions:

How does my learning style and different modes of education affect my ability to learn?

How can I best express my knowledge using my strong intelligences? What are some options available to me?

Student Activity:

1.  Take the self-Assessment.  

2. Please copy and paste your results into a Google Drive document and share your results with Brandy.

3.  Explore these sites and especially your Intelligences:


http://www.businessballs.com/howardgardnermultipleintelligences.htm#multiple intelligences tests


4.  Check out the different ways to show proficiency according to your learning style below:


Categorize Information and facts about your topic

Create a Venn Diagram

Create a Timeline

Develop a Fact file

Develop a Game /puzzle

Develop a Memory System based on numbers/patterns

Translate data from a variety of sources

Develop and Present a Database

Write an Editorial Essay(article)


Comic Strip

Create a colorful mural

Create Graphics for a Multi-Media Presentation

Draw illustrations/art

Draw a Map or Chart/colorcode

Outline and build a Web page

Visual Collage

Make a Project Cube

Use clay to create a sculpture

Write a Guided Visual Imagery

Write a Picture Book on your topic





Build or Construct a Model

Choreograph a dance to explain something

Conduct a class demonstration

Conduct an Experiment

Create a Board game

Perform a Skit

Present your info using sign language

Role Play an interpretation of your topic

Create a field trip


Change words to an existing song so that it teaches something about your topic

Create a Musical Game/chant

Create a Radio Program

Lead a Choral Reading/rap

Sing or Rap a song that explains your topic

Write a short musical about your topic

Write song lyrics for your content area


Create a display/visual with objects from Nature

Find problems in nature related to you subject

Find examples of things in Nature related to your topic

Observe and/or categorize a species

Observe and/or categorize the behaviors

Plan an Outdoor Classroom

Find Global Concerns related to your topic


Conduct a Press Conference

Create Classroom Learning Centers

Create a Culture gram

Run a Debate

Solve a problem with a partner

Use Conflict Management skills



Create a Bulletin Board

Create a collection(info, pics, etc. of topic)

Create a personal analogy for…

Create a timeline

Explain why you want to study…

Explore Career Opportunities in the field of…

Pretend you are…

Work on a problem by yourself (world issue)

Write a Journal/reflect about …


Compare/Discuss a Story

Conduct  an Interview

Create a Booklet

Develop a Dictionary of new terms

Develop a Petition

Lead a Class Discussion

Lead a Press Conference

Write and/or Tell a Story

Write a creative Advertisement

Write a Poem


Creating a Concept Map

concept map



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